Cost Control & Governance

Does your customer know what they spend on creating their office documents? It can be as high as 6% of their annual revenue. A solid cost control solution can help them track usage, set limits, and charge document printing costs to internal departments or external clients. They benefit from lower printing costs and a higher return on investment for their printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). Document security solutions helps keep customer information secure and are easily integrated into a customer’s existing office environment.

Xerox® Workplace Cloud

Xerox® Workplace Suite

Elatec Card Readers

Xerox® Workplace Cloud delivers authentication, print management, cost control and mobility workflows. This platform is ideal for accounts that want to reduce local network infrastructure or manage printers across multiple locations and networks. It is easy to set up and use, and because it is hosted in the cloud, all updates and patches are managed by Xerox. This frees up your IT resources, while maintaining the maximum security aspects you would expect.

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Xerox® Workplace Suite delivers authentication, print management, cost control, content security and mobility workflows. Designed for installation on a server for a private, secure on-site deployment, the flexible modular approach allows you to license the features that fit your business needs, regardless of the number of devices you have.

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Elatec designs and manufactures RFID card readers and networking de­vices for the MPS market. The TWN4 MultiTech card reader is a single part number solution that can simultaneously read multiple card types. The reader is re-programmable in the field as required via a PC or a configura­tion card and works with many document management software solutions. Custom configuration is also available prior to shipping.

Xerox integrated card reader kits exclusively use the TWN4 MultiTech card reader.

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