Fax & Digital Fax

While faxing is still an important method of communication for many offices, traditional methods have become costly, confusing to users and lacking in security safeguards. With help from our solutions partners, you can help customers improve on legacy fax systems to integrate and automate fax and document distribution within your customer’s existing business applications and devices.

Upland AccuRoute

Cleo Streem Fax


XMediusFAX Cloud

Omtool AccuRoute is the enterprise-class document scanning and handling platform that allows your organization to take control of its information from when it’s created until its end-of-life.

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Streem Fax software does much more than add faxing capabilities to Xerox multifunction printers. It utilizes the familiar environment of the MFP to create a communications system that can send, receive, print, archive, and track information.

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XMediusFAX® is the award winning software-based fax server solution powered by the most advanced T.38 and G.711 protocols. XMediusFAX® increases employee productivity and decreases paper-based operational costs. Designed to improve business workflows by automating document transmission in a secure and cost effective manner, XMediusFAX® is available in three application optimized editions: Enterprise, Express and Service Provider.

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With XMediusFAX® Cloud, XMedius has pushed the final evolution of faxing just a little further by offering enterprise level faxing from a secure cloud platform. It delivers all of the benefits of an on-premise fax server without the upfront capital expenditure.

XMediusFAX® Cloud solution offers extensive faxing capabilities directly from desktops, online applications, mobile devices and network-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs). XMediusFAX® Cloud is the ideal solution for enterprises of all sizes since it offers unlimited scalability and can be easily adjusted based on changing fax needs.

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