Output Management

To deliver the greatest value, business solutions must increase organizational efficiency and contribute to the customer’s overall strategic goals. Workflow automation, document design, digital archiving, variable data printing, output management and information retrieval, for both transactional, marketing, and office documents are some of the solutions needed for today’s businesses.

SAP Device Types for Xerox Printers

Cirrato One

Kofax Output Manager

Objectif Lune

Access the enhanced printing functionality of your Xerox printers and multifunction printers in your SAP environment with device types developed by Xerox and approved in the SAP Printer vendor program.

As a gold-level participant in the SAP® Printer Vendor program, Xerox provides seamless connectivity between SAP systems and your Xerox printers and MFPs. And as an SAP customer, you benefit from having Xerox device types available right from SAP’s online delivery model. Whether you are using an existing Xerox product or plan to upgrade, you can be assured that you will have printing continuity within your SAP environment.

You also have the peace of mind of knowing that you can contact SAP for support regarding any device type issues. As an active member in the SAP Printer Vendor program, Xerox keeps device types current and in line with SAP release updates.

The device types developed by Xerox are available for the legacy R/3 system and newer ERP releases all the way up to current SAP offerings.

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Cirrato One™ manages all printers and printer drivers worldwide with one server. Using minimal bandwidth it offers full control over the entire print environment from one central location. Benefits include unmatched redundancy, less energy use and lower support cost. Cirrato is also a print management solution with a rich feature set, including: print rules; embedded pull printing; USB printer management; IT helpdesk and end user portal; Reporting.

Cirrato is part of the Enterprise Output Management division of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

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Kofax Output Manager

Where availability meets security

The availability of printed documents can often make the difference between business moving and business stopping. That’s why organizations that rely on printed output rely on Output Manager. From loan applications and financial statements to bills and patient discharge forms, customers can feel confident in the availability and security of their mission-critical jobs with secure print release, authorization and authentication options from Kofax Output Manager.

Output Manager seamlessly transforms and delivers print streams from line of business systems so every mission-critical job is securely printed – when and where customers need it.

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PlanetPress® Connect

PlanetPress Connect is a series of four tools designed to optimize and automate customer communications management. They work together to improve the creation, distribution, interaction and maintenance of customer communications. ERPs, CRMs, Financial systems… PlanetPress Connect excels at interacting with information systems, even when they are custom made.

Pres Connect

Tailored to the high volume production output market, PReS Connect is a complete tool box for high speed creation and production of high volume of personalized business communications.

Printed business communications will remain a major communication channel for most businesses for the foreseeable future. But digital business communications are a required alternative to printing for today’s businesses when communicating information to their customers and stakeholders. Companies need the same level of flexibility and performance when producing both.

PReS Connect focuses on simplifying the delivery of transactional documents through print, web and email by bridging the gap between systems, departments, and hardware.

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