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Safeguard your critical information with our print management software and prevent unauthorized use of printers.

Xerox® Workplace Cloud

Xerox Workplace Suite

Equitrac Express

Equitrac Office

PaperCut MF

Print Audit 6

YSoft SafeQ

Pharos Uniprint, Blueprint, and Omega

Xerox® Workplace Cloud delivers authentication, print management, cost control and mobility workflows. This platform is ideal for accounts that want to reduce local network infrastructure or manage printers across multiple locations and networks. It is easy to set up and use, and because it is hosted in the cloud, all updates and patches are managed by Xerox. This frees up your IT resources, while maintaining the maximum security aspects you would expect.

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Xerox® Workplace Suite delivers authentication, print management, cost control, content security and mobility workflows. Designed for installation on a server for a private, secure on-site deployment, the flexible modular approach allows you to license the features that fit your business needs, regardless of the number of devices you have.

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Equitrac Express print management software for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and libraries reduces the costs and complexities of managing print environments while ensuring users can print what they need, when they need it. This intelligent print management solution provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities.

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Equitrac Office is an intelligent print management solution that provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities. It provides end users with a secure mobile print workflow while controlling costs and simplifying administration of your output fleet. Equitrac Office enables single sign-on access to devices and services, personal print queues to maximize document security and mobility, and rules to create cost-effective printing behavior.

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PaperCut MF is a comprehensive copy and print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources with easy-to-use administrative and user tools that can be securely accessed from anywhere on the network though a web browser.

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Print Audit 6 is a comprehensive print management solution that uses client-based tracking to analyze, reduce and recover costs associated with printing and plotting. The program can track printing to all networked, local and direct to IP printers.

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YSoft SafeQ is a world-class enterprise print management suite of modular solutions enabling organizations to take control of the print environment, reduce costs, increase document security and compliance, enhance office productivity, and minimize the environmental impact of printing.

Whether your organization is a large bank, an insurance company, a university, a small independent business, or a non-profit or government organization, YSoft SafeQ gives you complete access and control of your print environment adhering to corporate governance All of this collected intelligence helps your back-office run smarter and more efficiently!

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An Enterprise Print Asset Management solution from Pharos Systems enables you to make fact-based print and copy management decisions, illuminate your printing environment by exposing the hidden reality of uncontrolled printing costs, and to track and measure total enterprise print and copy expenditures, including equipment, maintenance, and supply costs.

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